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    Holistic natural detox & fitness in a medically supervised wellness homestay

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    Located in the Pearl of the Andaman, Senses is your tropical wellness destination

  • A Better Body Or Your Money Back

    Follow our program for 7 days or more and if there is no scientifically measurable improvement – your program is FREE.


    Proven scientific methods that facilitate a healthy body & mind

Kick Start Cleanse

Whether you are already exercising regularly and want to increase your base, or you have been putting off exercise for so long you now wonder if it’s safe to start… SENSES Kick Start Cleanse will be perfect for you.

Fresh Start Cleanse

Unlike the aggressive hard-core Phuket detox programs promoted by some, SENSES evidence-based programs are able to generate similar and superior results without the challenges and discomfort associated with full-fasting and colonic irrigation.

Facilities at Senses Phuket

Our Facilities

Located in a recently refurbished private home, we have everything necessary for your personal wellness experience. Our focus is on what works, not on filling your day with meaningless activities. From bio-analysis  to infra-red treatments, to enjoying preparing nutritious meals with our lovely team, we will prepare you to continue a healthier and happier life on your return home.

Dr. Wiwat Seetamanotch

Welcome and thank you for visiting. This website informs and invites you to participate in our medically supervised, natural cleansing courses in Phuket, Thailand. You are welcome to stay with us from as little as 5 days, although obviously for more significant results, a longer stay is recommended. A formally trained MD, I am also a keen student of the ancient wisdom of Thai traditional medicine.

My combination of studies in biochemistry and Eastern wisdom supports what I already knew instinctively – that restoring health begins with nutrition at a cellular level. By harmonizing this knowledge with the abundant tropical fruits, herbs and vegetables we are blessed with in Phuket – we present you a natural pathway to holistic health.

Personalised Fitness

  • Don’t like classes where you can’t keep up?
  • Get frustrated because you have put in hard work for years and now you have to train at a lower level for the newbies in the class?
  • Worried that people will laugh at you?
  • Wanting someone who will understand how you like to train?
  • Feel confused and not sure about how to train properly?
  • Wanting that extra edge to training that helps you break through to a new level?

All of these concerns and more are answered by our personal training sessions. In the SENSES Kick Start Cleanse you will receive a personal training 6 days per week. This helps you establish, or define, correct technique. So many people put in massive effort but don’t get results because their technique is incorrect. Instead of firming, toning and building strength, they end up injured and not progressing.

Having your own personal trainer, adjusting to your own needs and your level of ability and strength, supports you to achieve superior results.

You deserve this level of coaching, care and attention – and we will give that to you.

Maximise your results with SENSES. Great nutrition, great classes, great environment, and excellent fitness training.

Some symptoms of a toxic body

Do you really need a wellness retreat? If your suffering from any of the following conditions then you will benefit from a program at Senses :

Low energy • Sluggish • Bloated • Gassy • Constipated • Prone to gain weight • Can’t seem to lose weight around your middle • Depressed • Not clear in your thinking • Overloaded • Stressed

What makes our retreat so special?

Our wellness & weightloss retreat programs combine a whole body and soul rejuvenation, joining together the occupational, emotional, spiritual, intellectual and social wellness of our guests, combined with our invigorating cleanse & fitness programs.

The SENSES team ensures that all the basic elements of wellness are touched on to provide a rounded and ongoing interest in a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Living

Healthy living is not so much about what you do when you are at SENSES, it’s all about what you do the rest of the year when you are at home. When you are living your day to day life, raising a family, paying off a house, studying, building your career, facing challenges like the death of a loved one, or financial pressure, or a relationship ending.

Life presents challenges that can serve to take us off track of how we ideally want to be living, of how we want to be behaving and conducting ourselves, of the choices we want to make for ourselves.

That’s why at SENSES we practice non-judgment. It doesn’t matter what shape you turn up, it doesn’t matter if you are grumpy, tired, frustrated or angry. We are going to take care of you exactly the same.

It’s important to be able to give yourself the gift of a break from the challenges of life, to re-center, ground yourself, take a deep breath, revitalize and be prepared to step back into your world with the energy, strength, determination and clarity of mind to move through life more easily and more powerfully.

You have all you need in order to be in a healthy life, if you need a Fresh Start or a Kick Start, then that’s exactly what we have for you here.

SENSES wellbeing homestay – quick contact

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Senses Phuket Cleanse

Kick Start Cleanse

In every seven days you will have 7 yoga classes and 7 personal training sessions. Our professional help in your training and nutrition will ensure you train intelligently, give your body the correct levels of nutrition, and take the appropriate recovery periods.

All of your nutritional needs are taken care of, leaving you free to train, take your massage and saunas to support your body and get plenty of rest and relaxation.

Cleansing the Body at Senses Homestay

Phuket Detox & Wellness retreats – which program to go for?

Cleansing / Detoxing / Fasting / Boot-camp – it can all be a bit confusing?

What are the differences?

What are the benefits?

SENSES wellness retreat only include evidence-based services and products. We take the best of western medicine, couple that with the wisdom of the East developed over 5,000 years, and provide you with the safest, easiest, and most effective body cleansing programs.

When you choose to revitalize your body, overwhelming it with every possible service, treatment, vitamin and pseudo-scientific procedure does not offer the best solution. Your body works at its, own pace. Forcing your body to process more than it is capable of results in causing distress, potentially damage, and leads to clients not learning practical solutions that they can integrate into everyday life when they return home.

The combination of physical movement and quality nutritional intake is the platform for all cleansing, detoxing and even fasting programs. By convening a panel of medical doctors and highly experienced fasting and Detoxing consultants, Dr. Wiwat gathered information which he then considered for efficiency and proven outcomes. After establishing that base he utilized his deep knowledge of local Thai medicinal herbs to offer programs that are assured of delivering you an excellent outcome.

All programs are accompanied by Dr. Wiwats’ promise; “A better body in 7 days – or your money back.”

We invite you to take up his challenge. Cleanse, restore, rejuvenate and strengthen your body, while overcoming pain and disease –  through proven natural methodology at Senses Phuket Retreat, the only Wellness Homestay in Thailand.

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