Senses Thailand Detox Cruise

Phuket Detox Retreat Thailand an exclusive and unique residential holistic detox retreat set among the backdrop of one of the most beautiful locations in the world, Phuket, Thailand.

Set on-board our luxury cruiser, your detox and wellness journey provides a stunning cruise through some of the most magical Islands in the Andaman Sea, taking in both the captivating scenery and the natural and beneficial elements of the ocean, sun and sea air.

What makes our Thailand health retreat so special?

We provide a light introductory detox program combined with a wonderful journey along the Andaman sea, magnifying the natural but powerful healing benefits of sea, air and water.

Our light exercise regimes are conducted in and out of the water, using our water sports equipment (including kayaks and dingy) as part of the detox program. Yoga on the top deck at sunrise is truly magical and uplifting for the day ahead. This is not just a detox center but a whole healing holiday experience that will leave you rejuvenated and alive!

Our promise to you

We promise to awaken positive changes in your body, mind and life opening up a whole new level of consciousness that will remain with you, creating wellness and energy through our detox and cleanse programs. We do not stop at the programs we provide, our after care is also part of the package and you will have access to our comprehensive personalized after care pack and subscription to our regular health articles providing information and advice. You can even email us at any time for anything!

Senses Thailand Detox Retreat Cruise & Wellness Program

Senses Phuket detox and wellness cruise program

Where is Senses Thailand Detox Retreat

Senses detox retreat thailand location

An Oasis in the ocean

Did you ever wonder why a after a day sunbathing at the beach you feel tired, relaxed and ready to sleep? Its not a coincidence that this happens to most of us, its actually due to the healthy negative ions that are present in abundance in the sea air. These negative ions help to accelerate the bodies ability to absorb oxygen. In addition they also have the capability to balance your mood, especially if you are suffering from stress. Seratonin a bodily chemical that is linked to moods and stress is beneficially affected by the negative ions.

The further you go out away from the shore increases these benefits and the sea air then has much purer and charged negative ions. Going out 700 to 800 meters from the shoreline is enough to feel the added benefits.

Some symptoms of a toxic body

Do you really need a detox? If your suffering from any of the following conditions then you will benefit from a program at Senses :

Low energy • Sluggish • Bloated • Gassy • Constipated • Prone to gain weight • Can’t seem to lose weight around your middle • Depressed • Not clear in your thinking • Overloaded • Stressed

Emotional Wellness

Our health retreat programs combine a whole body and soul rejuvenation and join together the occupational, emotional, spiritual, intellectual and social wellness of our clients, combined with our invigorating detox program.

It is essential in all our detox programs that the basic elements of wellness are touched on to provide a rounded and ongoing interest in a healthy lifestyle.

Senses Detox

Senses is an oasis of a wellness lifestyle. A place to dive into a transformed body, a voyage of the soul, connecting with nature, celebrating life, rejuvenating the body and opening the mind to a healthier and happier outlook.

The way you think, the way you behave, the way you eat, can influence your life for decades. You must, however, play also your part in order to take the maximum advantage of this opportunity. We are here, to assist you.

Join us at Senses Thailand Detox Retreat and your journey will have only just begun